Tax Preparation

Herodes Financial provides income tax preparation and planning services to individuals and businesses. We go above and beyond simply plunking numbers in the tax forms. As we prepare returns, we are constantly looking for ways to both reduce your taxes, and improve your bottom line. 

We don’t like surprises, and suspect you don’t either. That’s why we also offer services to help you plan for your tax liabilities so you don’t have unexpected tax bills to pay.

When planning for future events such as the sale of your business, retirement or education, there are many tax and financial considerations. We can help you navigate these waters with our planning services.

Call or e-mail us for a free initial consultation to determine how we can help with your income tax preparation and/or planning issues.

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Howard F. Herodes, CPA

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"I am writing to recommend Howie Herodes of Herodes Financial. Howie has provided me and my company excellent accounting services. He prepared my personal and corporate taxes with a high level of diligence, attention to detail, and thoughtfulness. And he has accted as my chief financial officer on occasion, steadfastly guiding me through what can be murky waters. Howie makes sure I both understand and am in agreement with his advice.

What's more, Howie is just a good person. I am confident he has my best interest at heart and is doing what he can to assure that I and my company are a success."

- Rachel Streit, D.C.
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